Hi, I'm Nick, I blog about European, and occasionally American politics under Atlantic Sentinel. Available here on Substack and atlanticsentinel.com.

I'm also active in the liberal party of the Netherlands (Mark Rutte's), where I volunteer in a group that works on food and agriculture policy.

Following The French Dispatch, because I'm interested in French politics and it's hard to find high-quality reporting (outside election time) in English. Thank you for keeping us informed!

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Jul 19, 2022Liked by Julien Hoez

Im Anders. Im an American, born in Britain to a European family. I have lived in a lot of places. For close to a decade, which is far too long, I have lived in Vienna AT, however Philadelphia and Paris are the cities I call home.

It seems that a lot of people here have written about their jobs, but I think I'll answer the question directly and say that I most enjoy spending time with my wife and my dog, walking through the cities I have lived in, reading books, and listening to new records. My passions involve those party-killers politics, philosophy and history, and making at-best-minimally successful synthpop and soundart records.

I follow this because I really like Julian's take on things, and I feel we are politically aligned on many issues. Also, my wife, the high flyer of the family, is currently applying to International Agencies in Paris after many successful years in large iNGOs. TFD helps by giving an enjoyable, inciteful overview of the conditions of our next likely landing-spot.

I don't subscribe to many substacks, but I read a lot. I think everyone here has probably read the same books on the subjects raised in this substack as me, though! So, instead I will do something most people here won't, and recommend a sci fi book, and a fantasy book: Sci-Fi "Children of Time" by Adrian Tchaikovsky, a frankly astounding achievement, and the difficult (but deeply rewarding) "Gardens of the Moon" by Steven Erikson.

So... hey! Nice to meet you all!

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Hi Julien, thanks for the thread.

About me: I work in Brussels (the EU-bubble) as policy officer on institutional issues. I'm from France, that's why I'm interested in your insights.

My passion: I promote Europe. I love politics (maybe a bit too much). So I get involved, and I try to do my part the best I can. Right now I'm figuring out if I can start a business out of this passion.

Why I follow you: First, we're friends in real life - that's why I joined. I stayed because your insights are very thought-provoking and expand what I understand of French politics. I enjoy the most the clear and concise round up of the french political news (Weekly dispatch).

My recommendations: if your reders enjoy what you do, they might appreciate my own newsletter: The Beubble (thebeubble.substack.com). I write ad talk about European and French politics. Lately, I explored the Uber Files and its advocacy strategy at the EU level, for instance (#PromoTime).

Otherwise, I consider that POLITICO's Brussels Playbook and EuropaNova Thursday's newsletters are great sources of information for anyone intrerstde in learning more about European and French politics.

Thank you again for the opportunity. Happy to get in touch with you or your readers ;)

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Hej from Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, Scandinavia, and Northern Europe :)

I usually present myself as a social entrepreneur working on different projects, but I am also a policy entrepreneur and crypto entrepreneur as well.

I love traveling, (retro) gaming, and scientific progress. Also, I am into the literature of different types and admire getting deeper into new ideas. Also, I have been interested in politics and ideologies since my childhood, mainly affected by the war in Bosnia and other parts of ex-Yugoslavia.

I am following your blog due to my general interest in politics, and I am trying to learn more about France. With your blog, it is easy to be updated and get some more insights beyond established media. I especially admire your reflections about France regarding the European level.

When it comes to Substack, I can recommend the UnPopulist, which is mainly about politics in the USA from liberal/tarian perspectives.


At some point, I am hoping to write on your Substack as well, since I am also writing about Europolitics.


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