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What is the goal of The French Dispatch?

Having seen a gap in the market of anglophone coverage of French politics, and having witnessed several events where journalists from major publications like The Guardian spread false information that France was issuing surveillance numbers to control Muslim children, I decided that there was a need for a publication that gives accurate, fact-based representation and analysis of French political affairs to the wider public.

Initially starting as an experimental project aimed at explaining events during the 2022 French presidential and 2022 French legislative elections, The French Dispatch became popular enough that I decided to continue the project, and it has since developed to become a publication which has contributors from various policy fields

I want to help you to understand what is happening in France, what this means, and what impact this is going to have on the EU, and furthermore, the wider world.

Who reads The French Dispatch?

With an audience that extends from Public Affairs Experts, CEOs, Directors, MEPs, MPs, Policy specialists, Political Assistants, Communication departments and the average person, The French Dispatch provides information to anybody with an interest in French, European, or international politics.

Who am I?

A political expert specialising in France, the European Union, as well as working across wider international affairs, I am a committed European and veteran of several political campaigns.

I currently work in Brussels for a European Political Foundation whilst also being the acting référent for Renaissance Européenne in the Netherlands, a committee member for Renaissance in Brussels, and a former committee member for La République En Marche in the Netherlands.

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An expert in French, British, and European Politics, Julien focuses on fact-based analysis utilising his expertise in political activity, geopolitics, and international relations.